Dr. Jerry Bell’s Leadership Mastery SeriesTM programs are thought-provoking and stimulating. His principles are applicable both professionally and personally. Our management team’s feedback is extremely positive from each of the programs they have attended. Jerry’s enthusiasm is contagious.

John Strange

Regional Manager, Pratt Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer, Inc.

Advanced Teamwork

Build High-Achieving Teams


Great teamwork does not happen by accident. Leading effective teams requires intention, insight and a deep commitment to the success of the group. Effective teambuilders lead in a way that causes their teams to engage, commit and work together to reach a common goal.

With increased complexity, divergent goals and unique roles in organizations, fostering teamwork among a diverse team requires advanced teambuilding skills. In Advanced Teamwork, you will learn how you personally impact teamwork on each of your teams. You will be able to pinpoint what circumstances require increased teambuilding actions and the key indicators of high performance on your teams. Participants will detail and apply the skills required to create engagement among team members, so they work “hard, smart and together.”

You will learn to:

  • Assess the current level of teamwork on each of your teams.
  • Determine why some teams succeed and other teams fail.
  • Evaluate when teamwork is most necessary.
  • Lead your team past the most debilitating obstacles to effective teamwork.
  • Develop personal skills that will help you increase teamwork with those you influence.
  • Reduce the traits that produce ineffective teams.
  • Identify and work effectively with weak links and “teambusters.”
  • Build teamwork in all areas of your life, including your family team.

Program Experience

This two-day professional development program is an in-depth, group-live, and highly-participatory learning experience with practical take-home value.


  • Complete a pre-work assignment to evaluate your teamwork experiences.


  • Collaborate. You will collaborate with peers and Bell Leadership trainers and coaches to discover the essentials of teamwork.
  • Think deeply. Aligning a group of diverse people around a common goal isn’t easy; we’ll explore all the reasons why, as well as how it can be done.
  • Connect. Once you attend a Bell Leadership program, you are a part of our team, and we will help you create an action plan that will lead to future team-building success.
  • Have fun. As you will learn in the program, one of the essentials of teamwork is to have fun. We always strive to bring fun into our programs.


  • Implement the team-building techniques that you develop during the program.
  • Take advantage of optional, one-on-one coaching.

As part of attending an open program: You will receive a copy of the New York Times best seller, The Carolina Way: Leadership Lessons from a Life in Coaching by Dean Smith and Gerald D. Bell, with John Kilgo.

Who Should Participate

  • C-level and senior executives who want to break down silos and build teamwork across their organization
  • Team leaders who want to foster increased innovation, collaboration and performance
  • Top managers who want to avoid the pitfalls of ineffective teams and get work done more effectively

Program Details


The Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill, NC


Two days
Day 1: 8:30a.m.-5:00p.m.
Day 2: 8:30a.m.-3:30p.m.


$3,400 without accommodations
Includes tuition, materials, continental breakfast and lunch each day, and programmatic activities. Airfare, transportation to and from the airport, and personal incidentals are not included.


This program is worth 15 CPE credits and 1.3 CEU credits. If you would like to apply for CPEs or CEUs for this program, please email Lizzy Nelli or call her at 919-967-7904 for the appropriate documentation.