I truly enjoy and appreciate Dr. Bell’s leadership courses. They have been the most impactful leadership training in my life and I am hopeful all leaders at Dot who attend will receive the same positive impact.

Matt Holt

Vice President, Human Resources, Dot Foods

Great Leaders 

Lead like an Achiever—Build Great Results 


Achievers™ focused on the most effective behaviors to lead yourself – Great Leaders targets the skills required to achieve great results leading others.   

Great Leaders leverages the learning of Achievers™ to expand your insight of the specific behaviors required to build your influence and achieve great results through others. Increase your ability to lead effectively by mastering the Basic Elements of a Leaders’ Life™, including goal-setting, delegation, communication and stress management. Learn strategies for working with the most difficult personality patterns you encounter, whether at work or in your personal life.  

Great Leaders is the next step in building your personal mastery and influence as a leader, taking your development to a higher level with advanced techniques for building new habits and skills. This will give you enhanced tools for a lifetime of leadership, creating permanent improvements that will benefit you every day.  

You will learn to: 

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the Achiever Model™ and your Bell Personality Profile results. 
  • Formulate a more detailed concept of the results that you produce by how you personally execute the Basic Elements of a Leader’s Life™. 
  • Build comprehensive insight of the 6 personality patterns that produce effective leadership, and the 6 personality patterns that produce ineffective leadership. 
  • Implement the three main responsibilities of a leader, while motivating others to work hard, smart and together. 
  • Develop the skill set needed to lead others, recognizing and working with their extreme behaviors. 
  • Establish an action plan to further your personal leadership development.  

Program Experience 

This professional development program is an in-depth, group-live, and highly-participatory learning experience with practical take-home value. 


  • Through the Bell Personality Profile, obtain confidential 360-degree feedback from your associates to benchmark against your original results and gain further understanding of your development as a leader.   


  • Get personal. Like all Bell Leadership programs, Great Leaders uses a highly participatory and engaged method of instruction. A combination of enhanced instruction, personal deliberation and group discussion enhances the sessions to drive permanency of learning. 
  • Team up. In this program, you have the opportunity to collaborate with leaders who have a diversity of strengths and weaknesses. Through these interactions, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to lead different people and build your skills to elevate others in your organization. 
  • Have fun. Working on yourself is challenging, but fun. We always incorporate enjoyment into our programs to engage participants.  
  • Compare and contrast. In Great Leaders, you will be able to compare your previous Bell Personality Profile results with an updated version, leading to greater insights into you as a leader and how you have changed.  
  • Build your skills. As with Achievers™, you will leave this program with an actionable plan to improve your ability to influence your team and drive results.  


  • Implement the action plan that you develop during the program. 
  • Take advantage of optional, one-on-one coaching. 

Who Should Participate 

  • Graduates of Bell Leadership’s Achievers™ program: Achievers™ is a pre-requisite for Great Leaders 
  • Senior leaders who want to improve employee engagement 
  • Individual producers who want to work more effectively with others